Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Statement Necklaces

Every outfit needs a focal point, maybe an interesting print, fabric, or piece of jewelry to draw attention to both you and your outfit, and strike up a conversation! One of my favorite ways, as I mentioned in my Summer Favorites post, is through statement necklaces. Statement necklaces are the perfect way to add color or sparkle to any outfit, and they can be worn with virtually anything; ranging from a plain white t-shirt and jeans to a ball gown.  Regardless of what they’re paired with, they make your outfit more interesting, cohesive, and colorful!

One of my favorite ways to wear a statement necklace is with the simple jeans and t-shirt combination. What says causal better than this classic combination? With the addition of big, chunky necklaces you can add color and glam to what is an otherwise simple outfit.  I personally love wearing jean shirts with large necklaces, but that might just be because I love denim tops and think that almost anything looks good with them! The combination of laidback jeans mixed with the polished gems gives you a put together look, without looking stuffy or overdressed! This combination is a great go-to outfit for running errands on the weekend or for meeting up with friends for coffee!

Statement necklaces help stretch your office attire as well! A simple black dress becomes much more versatile with the addition of different necklaces, while simple shifts become dressier and more professional! Unless you work in a creative field, I recommend sticking to clear gems to minimize distraction and maintaining maturity without sacrificing style!

For a more glamorous look, a statement necklace paired with a cocktail dress or evening gown can draw attention to your neckline and face while completing the look. The sparkle at the neckline instantly draws the attention in towards your upper body, and will be a great conversation piece at events! Depending on the pattern in the dress, you can add texture and a complimentary color to your outfit through your necklace, which gives your outfit an artsy and free spirited vibe!

With such a variety of necklaces in store, you’re probably wondering which one you’d get the most wear out of, right? I suggest looking at your wardrobe and seeing what colors you wear most, then thinking about what would compliment it. If you wear a lot of bright colors or have a very classic and neutral style, stick with clear or white gems. If you notice that your outfit needs a little pop of color, try out a necklace that has multiple colors in it that can be worn with a variety of items you already own! Sometimes our closets need the addition of color, so statement necklaces are the perfect, inexpensive way to add variety and versatility to your closet! 

Written by Devin! Read more from Devin at Devslist.com. Shop our large selection of stylish statement necklaces at Longhorn Fashions

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