Monday, October 6, 2014

TX vs OU Tips

The most intense football weekend of the year is upon us! Yes, I realize the Super Bowl is in February. I'm obviously talking about the Red River Rivalry- Texas vs. Oklahoma!

My name is Molly and you can normally find me blogging about decor and design at Awfully Big Adventure. Today, I'm guest posting at Longhorn Fashions to talk about what to do and what to wear if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Dallas for the upcoming game and all of the festivities that go along with it. This is actually the first year in...ever that I'm not attending, so I'm living vicariously through this blog post. :) You can bet I'll be cheering on the Horns here in Austin while everyone else treks up north!

First things first: Friday night. If you want to do Dallas right, get yourself to the nearest Mi Cocina to have a bite of some delicious Tex-Mex and a margarita or three, if you're into that. If you don't have plans to attend a pre-organized event, don't fret- Dallas has several areas near downtown chock-full of bars that are guaranteed to be a blast on Friday night. I'd recommend heading to Uptown, Knox Henderson, or Lower Greenville. Of course before you head out the door, you have to answer the dreaded question

: What Will I Wear? Grinch

 Luckily, Longhorn Fashions has the perfect answer. I LOVE this fringe off-the-shoulder top, and it would look great with skinny jeans, wedges, and some big earrings. It's crucial to wear burnt orange all weekend long, even on Friday, and this top has you covered. Except your shoulders. :)


Friday night has come and gone- hope you have plenty of coffee or energy drinks, cause odds are you stayed out late and need to get up early to get ready for the game. If you need immediate sustenance, pick up a taco from Velvet Taco. So much yum. When you're getting ready, I'd recommend throwing on an easy/breezy burnt orange dress with some cowboy boots for maximum comfort and style. This dress is a great gameday option from Longhorn Fashions that definitely fits the easy/stylish bill.

  Rust Open Shoulder Dress

If you're heading to the fair, fried foods is a given. You can find a good guide to this year's best and worst fried foods here. Even if you don't have tickets to the game, the fair is a great place to watch! If you'd rather not deal with getting yourself to the fair, you'll be able to catch the game at almost any bar in Dallas. Last year my friends and I had a great time watching the game at J.Black's. Be prepared to get to the bar early if you want a good seat! You were out late Friday, you got up early Saturday morning, you got through the game and HOPEFULLY the Horns pulled out a win. Now it's time to squeeze in a nap before freshening up and heading out for one last hurrah with all your friends. I love this top from Southern Pearl Couture paired with jeans or shorts. The low back is super cute and the tie-dye is classic Austin.

  Fringe Off-the-Shoulder Burnt Orange Top

I'm super jealous of everyone attending! Fingers crossed for a Texas win. Come early, be loud, stay late, wear Longhorn Fashions- I think that's how it goes! :)

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